To Be An Agent is a series of shorts created by Lion and later by Ghost.

Original ShortsEdit


The Lion episode

Lion created the original 5 shorts which consisted of 5 different agent lessons: Distractions,


The Rap episode


The Fred episode


The Jack episode

Hacking, Driving, Skydiving, and Sneaking.

To Be An Agent: DistractionsEdit

Short 1: Agent S.A.C.K. tries to teach Lion not to be distracted.

To Be An Agent: HackingEdit

Short 2: Agent S.A.C.K. tries to teach Lion to hack.

To Be An Agent: DrivingEdit

Short 3: Agent S.A.C.K. tries to teach Capn how to drive.

To Be An Agent: SkydivingEdit

Short 4: Agent S.A.C.K. tries to teach Fred how to skydive.

To Be An Agent: SneakingEdit

Short 5: Agent S.A.C.K. tries to teach Jack to sneak.

Rights ExchangeEdit

(Work in progress)

TBAA: To Be An Agent [Disguises]Edit

(Work in progress)

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