DaRkXpEnGuInX (a.k.a. Raison the Cat) is a new addition into the series. He first appeared in Fred's "CatBrothers Subscribe Option" (which was to help the series). He first appeared in the subscribe option on a shelf at the end. He then appeared in episode 5 after Fred set up a date with Kizzie. He was in a trash can when fred met him. He claims he was named after his dad, "Raison Bran".

Info on RaisonEdit

Color: Purple

Age: 14

Occupation: level maker

Best Friend:

Home: Owns a home in the series

Gender: male

Status: inactive


  • Is a friend of Capn and Fred in real life.
  • He appeared in the subscribe option.


  • The CatBrothers Subscribe Option
  • The CatBrothers Series: "Court of Love"

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