CheerGirl1576 (a.k.a. Kizzie the Cat) is a new addition to the series. She plays Fred's girlfriend in the series. She is a new main character ever since she was introduced in episode 5 ("Court of Love").



Info on Kizzie Edit

Color: Beige

Age: 12

Occupation: none

Best Friend: Captain Tangle

Home: America


Gender: Female


  • Kizzie appeared in "A CatBrothers Carol" When Jack was in the Christmas future and then he died by chocking on a candy cane. Even though it was before she made her appearence
    Kizzie the Cat Poster

    Hand-drawn and painted with Watercolors by Captain Tangle

    in the series.
  • She is related to Captain Tangle (sisters) in real life.


  • The CatBrothers Series: "Court of Love"
  • The CatBrothers Series: "Captains and Captains"
  • The CatBrothers Subscribe Option
  • A CatBrothers Carol (Cameo)

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